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Q: What are your collection days?

A: We ship Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays

Q:  What is the cutoff for a collection day?

A:  Semen request forms must be submitted THE DAY BEFORE collection by e-mail and confirm your shipment the morning of collection by 8:00 am EST.  If you are late in your request or confirmation for semen, we cannot guarantee your spot on his collection schedule for that day.

Q: When will it be here?

A:  We ship via UPS and all shipments are Overnight.

Q:  What extender do you use?

A:  All of our current stallions ship great in INRA96.

Q: How many cells are in a dose?

A:  We pack at least 1 billion progressively motile cells in each dose.

Q: How many doses will I receive?

A: We do our best to include 2 breeding doses in every shipment.  However, on a heavy collection day, it may only be possible to provide one.

Q: How long do you ship?

A: We ship from February 14 - June 10 in 2022, unless otherwise noted in your breeding contract.

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