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Sire of champions...

Multiple APHA and PtHA World & Reserve World Champion Sire

Paint Me Zippo - Shes A Little Shiny, by Sols Aces Wild

1999, Chestnut Overo, 15.1h, 7-Panel N/N  | Entered Stud: 2003 | Stud Fee: Retired
Sire Record

Due to an ongoing health concern, Make Me Shine will no longer stand to the public. Floyd’s comfort and happiness has always been our top priority, and from here on out, it is our only priority.

We’ve said many times that he’s a modern day war horse – if you call on him, he answers, and he does so with gusto. His willingness to give everything to you has left us in awe of him, and GIVE he certainly has:


Four World Champion titles in western pleasure, two Reichert Celebration titles, a Color Breed Congress Championship, Open & Amateur Superiors in Western Pleasure, and numerous World and Reserve World Championships, Honor Roll Championships, Amateur Top 20 Awards, and European Championships with limited foals.


He came out of retirement TWICE to compete against horses half his age, or a quarter in some cases, and brought home championships. He is one of those rare gems truly worth of the phrase, “ahead of his time.” We are fortunate that great ones come to us in the time they are meant to, with precision and purpose, in order to leave their lasting mark, and we are so unbelievably thankful that Floyd was meant to come to us in the time that he did. He’s given us an education in breeding and stallion management that all the money on Earth couldn’t have bought. To sit astride this stallion’s back and to have the opportunity to learn from him is the indulgence of a lifetime.


This old War Horse has more than earned his retirement, and we are so happy that we are the ones that have been blessed with the opportunity to love him and give back to him in his golden years. From here on out, there are lots (and lots and lots and lots) of German Horse Muffins for him to look forward to, along with the best of care and deepest of admiration.

2002 APHA World Champion Junior Western Pleasure

2002 APHA World Champion Amateur Junior Western Pleasure

2002 APHA World Show Champion 3YO Western Pleasure Challenge

Two-Time Reichert Celebration Champion

Color Breed Congress Champion

Pinto World Champion

Open & Amateur Superiors with 700+ Points

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